More Inspiration

The chapter that I'm working on now it is a little rough, but coming along slowly like all my other chapeters have been lately. I know where I want this whole story to go, but getting it there is such a pain in ass....LOL 

As many of you know that a lot of my writing comes through with music. So here lately I have been listening to a lot of music to "work" from.

I listened to a song by Rihanna called Russian Roulette and it made me think of Mia and Zarek and their bizarre relationship.
So I'm listening and writing as much as I can in between my Wife and Mom duties allows for me too.

Much love!

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Tammy said...

Well, you don't really have to hear this from me, but it doesn't hurt to hear...your book rocks! I love it and the way the story is going and I CAN'T, CAN'T wait for the next chapter to come out...the way you have Mia just so off the cuff with her's's a serious situation but Mia's attitude gives you a little giggle...I don't know exactly how to describe it and can't wait for more!!! Go Bambi!!!


Nathan has been raising and protecting Mia after her mother died when she was born. Not an easy task being that she is part Vampire. Mia and her Uncle Nathan came to Roachdale, Indiana, in hopes of being able to lead a quiet life away from the dangers that seemed to follow her. Little did they know what they would find in the small town of Roachdale. Blood Cursed is a plot twisting tale filled with love, hope, adventure, drama, humor, friendship, and passion that will leave you wanting to read more.