Chapter Thoughts

I'm almost finished with another chapter in Blood Ties, but I had to stop because I was getting aggravated. I just can't seem to get into character very much. Its not easy going from one character to the other. Especially when they are female and male speaking. having a father talk to his daughter when they are estranged from one another is difficult. Trying to make him be over proctive but at the same time giving her space. UGH!

Then, having to decided if someone should die or not die. Who will it be? Can't tell you.......if you read the book I'm sure you are thinking of a certain someone. Maybe or Maybe not the person your thinking of. Who knows, I'm still not a 100% sure yet. I guess I will make up my mind as time goes on, but it is something I come back to often.

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Nathan has been raising and protecting Mia after her mother died when she was born. Not an easy task being that she is part Vampire. Mia and her Uncle Nathan came to Roachdale, Indiana, in hopes of being able to lead a quiet life away from the dangers that seemed to follow her. Little did they know what they would find in the small town of Roachdale. Blood Cursed is a plot twisting tale filled with love, hope, adventure, drama, humor, friendship, and passion that will leave you wanting to read more.