ABC's Of Me

I am updating this today to do the ABC's about me for VoiceBoks. 

A- Age 33
B - Name Bambi
C - I Love Coupons
D - Daring
E - Easily Entertained
F - Friendly
G - I Love Greeting Cards
H - I Love Horror Movies
I - I Like to eat Italian food
J - I'm a Junk Food Junkie
K - I considered myself a Kind person
L - I Love my Family
M - I don't believe in Monsters
N - Might get a Nissan Car
O - I'm not Overly sensitive
P - I don't like my Picture taken
Q - I like Quiet
R - I don't like to Run
S - I don't Speed
T - I am Terrible at math
U - I don't think I'm Ugly
V - I'm not Vicious 
W - I consider myself Weird
X - I'v had X-rays
Y- I'm not a big Yard worker
Z - My house is a Zoo


Gifts By Katherine said...

love your ABC's Hugs and VB♥

Katherines Corner said...

leaving hugs from my other blog too :-)


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