Chapter Sneaky Peak

I ran down the stairs past the counter and down the hall towards the club to the restrooms. I slammed open the wooden door and head straight to the first black stall I saw. This gives a whole new meaning to being lovesick.

  After I was finished regurgitating my breakfast, I sat on the cold terra cotta floor and leaned against the hard black metal stall, while the tears began to fall from my eyes.

  I did not know if I was crying because someone I love betrayed me or because my life has turned upside down so fast in the last few months. I guess it is everything; the stress of all that has happened has finally caught up to me. Then discovering the truth about Aidan pushed me over the edge.

  I got up from the floor and made my way to the sink. Looking at myself in the mirror, I felt disgust towards myself. I had let my feelings interfere with my judgment. I did not take Loki’s warning to heart like I should have. There is nothing I can do about it now but learn from it and move on.

  Now I have to make a decision as to whether or not I tell the others or play as if I do not know anything in hopes that Aidan will lead me to the mastermind behind this trickery. I am sure Zarek is behind it, that is why he was probably so upset that I slept with Aidan. Oh, god I slept with him.

  I cannot deal with this now, I just cannot. Realizing though that I do not have a choice, I am going to have to suck it up and keep moving forward. I will have to find a way to bend Zarek's trickery towards my will and away from his.

  I turned the cold water on in the sink and bent down to splash some on my face and to rinse the horrible taste from my mouth. I was hoping that it would wash away the sadness. But of course it did not, not that I thought it would. I stood there and hung my head. I felt so ashamed of myself that I began to sob once more.

  I suddenly sensed Viktor was near, and then the door open and I quickly walked back into the stall that I was in before. I could not face him, not now.
“Mia, are you alright?” Viktor asked.
“Yes, I'm fine.” Of course, that was a lie, and I am sure he knew it. That is all I seem to be doing now of days, is lie.
“Mia you’re not fine.” I heard him walk over to my 'pity me' stall. He tried to open the door but I locked it, but then again if he really wanted in, he could just rip it off the hinges.
“Really, I'm fine.” my voice was shaking because I was trying to hold back more sobs.
“Mia, either come out or I'm coming in.” He threatened as his fingers were tapping on the door as if he was counting down.

  I decided it was best if I came out rather than him tear the door off, then have to explain why he had done it. I had to quickly think of something to tell him. I could not necessarily lie, but then I could not really tell him the truth either.

  I mentally and physically prepared myself before I opened the stall door. I did not want to completely breakdown when I see him. If I do that, then he will definitely know that something is horribly wrong and drill me until I tell him.

Keep it together Mia.

  I slowly opened the door and took a deep breath. There Viktor was leaning on the counter with his arms crossed waiting for me. Looking gorgeous and concerned those golden eyes piercing through me.  I wanted to tell him everything, but I stopped myself from doing so.

  I quickly looked away from his gaze and walked over to the other side of the bathroom. The further I was away from him the better.

“You've been crying.” he came towards me in a panic. “What's wrong? Did something happen? Did someone hurt you? What? Tell me please,” he pleaded with me. His heart began to race and scent change to worry.
  His hand brushes my hair out of my face so that he could tilt my head up to look me in the eyes. So much for trying to keep my distance from him.

  I brushed his hand away and walked to the other side once again. I cannot have him doing this to me. I cannot have him becoming overly concerned about me. I am just too weak when it comes to him and that has to stop. Especially now that I know that Zarek can and will possibly get to all of them in some way or another.

“It's nothing really.”
“Did something happen between you and Aidan? Did he do something to you?”

  Well, sort of but I cannot tell him that. I would be chasing him down so he did not kill Aidan. No, I am going to have to try my best to make myself believe that I am not completely lying. Mixing the truth with a tad little lie is not too bad...right?
“No nothing like that.” I told him. “It's just- with everything that has happened, it has finally caught up to me. I needed a quiet place to let it out.” I told him, feeling the tears start to build.
“You do know that you are not alone in this. I'm here for you if you ever need me.” he walked back over to me once again. “I will always be here for you, you know that - right?”

  How I wish that was true, but it is something that I cannot hold onto and believe. Not right now that is, Nathan always told me that he would be here for me and now look, I might lose him.

“I would like to believe that all of you will always be here. But let's be honest there is no guarantee.” I felt more tears urging to flow once again.
  He did not say anything, but gather me into his arms and held me close. With his warm body against mine, gave me the sense of comfort, to know that yes, as of this moment he is here for me.

   I held onto him tightly wanting to tell him everything, wanting to reveal my feelings for him. I breathed in deeply, inhaling his Christmas scent of pine. His heartbeat slowed and his breathing steady.  Here alone with him was nice and calming, but I still could not wrap my head around what Aidan might be doing or who he truly is.

  Viktor walked me back to my room once he felt like I had calm down. I was exhausted after my little meltdown. It was not just finding out that yes, Aidan might be a traitor, it was also everything else as well.
  Learning the truth about my father and mother, finding out that a demon is using me to cause the death of humanity. Then the worst of it all that I might lose Nathan, the one person that I can truly trust and my only true family. He may only be my uncle but he is more like a father to me than Gabriel is.

  Luckily, for me Evalyn was not here. She had left me a note that she had gone with Gabriel and Aidan looking for some transportation and I am sure she was also looking for more herbs and such.  So with her away I could take a nap and maybe take one last shower before we head out.

  Viktor did not leave; he jumped on Evalyn's bed and spread out. Not sure why he stayed, maybe to be sure that I was truly all right. Which to a certain point I was, there isn't much he can do but be here in case I needed someone to talk to or just have someone to hold me if needed.

“I'm going to take a shower.” I told him “I would like to get one in before we leave, plus I think it will help me relax more.”
“Alright peaches, I'll be right here.” he smiled.

  I went into the bathroom to collect my thoughts on how I am going to find out the truth about Aidan, if he is speaking with Zarek than Zarek is monitoring what we are doing. Since we will need to go to one of the Harpie clans to get a feather, Zarek could tip that clan off that we are coming. That would be disasters to us.
  I finally concluded that I am going to have to tell Gabriel what I heard, especially about what Aidan had said about the Harpie Clan bit. There is just no way that I can let us walk into a trap. It would be best to be prepared against anything.

  I turned the shower on to the hottest temperature I knew I could handle, threw my clothes onto the floor, as the steam began to fill the air. I slid open the glass door and stepped in, shutting the door behind. I let the hot water hit the backside of my body, letting my back muscles have the first wave of relaxation.

  Slowly I turned, wanting to complete a circle so that every inch of me was able to absorb the ripples that the water made. My face was the last to get the hot water massage; I felt the stress leave my body and almost my soul as I stood there in my own personal sauna.

  I grabbed my purple loaf and poured the hotel soap onto it. As I covered my body in the citrus aroma bubbles, I cleared my head of any thoughts and imagined that nothing has changed, that Nathan and I was still in Roachdale living life as normal people.

  I was so lost in my delusion, that I did not notice that Viktor had gotten in the shower with me, until it was too late. I opened my eyes and immediately flung myself under the showerhead with my back to him.

  I know that I was flushing but with the heat, maybe he would not be able to notice.
“What the hell Viktor?” I snapped at him.
“I just thought that maybe you would like some help washing.” he said with such a seductive tone.

  It was all I could do not to turn my head just to get a peek. Head forward, keep eyes on the wall. My mind was in a battle with my will not to turn it was torture. Moreover, he was getting a nice view of my bare ass, how embarrassing.

“Come on Mia let me get in there.”
“In where?” I asked in shock.
“Under the water, Duh, Wait, did you think I wanted in somewhere else?” he laughed.
“Yes you did, you-dirty-girl.” he gave a low growl.

  Oh. My. God, if I was not flushing before I certainly am now. His hand touched my left side and began to nudge me to the right. I did not turn around; I just scooted along the white tile wall to the back of the shower.  I cannot believe that he is actually in the shower with me. Did he have a death wish or something?

“Peaches relax it's just two friends taking shower is all.”
“Oh and how many of these so called friends have you showered with?” I asked him, having my ass hanging in the breeze and I was starting to get a tad chilly.
“Well, including you? Let's see, one.”
“One, Me?” my voice sounded shocked.
“Yes. You’re the only one.”
  Well that made me feel somewhat better, but not a whole of a lot. What if Aidan and Evalyn walk in? I know Evalyn would be happy, Aidan not so much. I could just get out of the shower, no harm no foul.

  I rested my head against the damp wall trying to ‘will’ myself to get out. Viktor's hands touched my shoulders and slowly slid their way down to the small of my back. Every muscle began to tremble, literally tremble.  He kissed the right side of my shoulder.

“You missed a spot,” he whispered.

Help me, oh god help me.

“No. I'm sure I got that spot.” my voice trembling, knees weak and ready to pounce.

  Those muscular hands moved to my hips and turned me around. I did not look down; I forced my eyes to stay on his. He began to move his hand slowly up my right side, gliding over my breast just barely.

  He leaned in and whispered into my ear “Do you want me to touch you here?” feeling his teeth graze my ear.

“Viktor, Um, We, Oh, God, we can't do this.”
“You didn't answer my question, maybe you want me to touch you here instead,” he said as he slid his mouth down to my neck lightly kissing and teasing with his quick warm tongue.

  A raspy moan escaped from me, no matter how hard I tried to hold it in. You have to be kidding me, here I am trying my hardest not show that he is turning me on and failing at it miserably.

His eyes met mine once again. “Peaches, your shaking.” his lips just inches away.
 “I'm cold is all.” the words barely escaped my mouth. Damn it!
“I can take care of that.” he said, then those luscious lips where on mine.

  Before I knew it mine was following his lead, breathing became ragged and my hands suddenly had a mind all of their own. I could feel his tight muscular arms as I glided them up and wrapped them around his neck.

  Our kiss slowly became more passionately rough. He was giving a low-throated growl as he pressed into me so hard I thought that maybe we might fall through the wall. Those hands of his moved their way down to my hips, and one latched onto my ass, while the other hiked up my left leg onto his hip.

  I moved my hands down to his chest and pushed him away. For one, to get a breather another to gather my thoughts on what I was doing. Looking at him, those eyes I could see a hint of curiosity and love in them. I wanted to say something to him, but I could not find the words. I gave him a smile and slowly brought our lips together once again.

  I brought my hand down past his pelvis and took him into my hand. What I found was a surprise; he was too thick for my hand to fully grasp. His hand moved from my ass to my pink flesh.

  We began to stroke each other into satisfaction, that now I was beginning to feel guilty as sin. One last step and I would never truly forgive myself. Granted Aidan might not be the person I thought he was, but that still does not excuse my actions.

  I pushed him away completely, looking down at the shower floor. “Wait, wait” I huffed “No. I can't do this no matter how much I want it, I can't.”
“It will be our secret Aidan doesn't need to know,” he said.
“But I'll know.” shaking my head side to side. “No, we can't, maybe one day, but not today.” I looked up at him and saw that he understood, but was sadden by my decision.

  I nodded my head and quickly got out of the shower before I changed my mind. Grabbed my robe, wrapped my hair up in the white towel and left the room.

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Nathan has been raising and protecting Mia after her mother died when she was born. Not an easy task being that she is part Vampire. Mia and her Uncle Nathan came to Roachdale, Indiana, in hopes of being able to lead a quiet life away from the dangers that seemed to follow her. Little did they know what they would find in the small town of Roachdale. Blood Cursed is a plot twisting tale filled with love, hope, adventure, drama, humor, friendship, and passion that will leave you wanting to read more.